Youth claimant numbers keep rising in June 2020

Summary: Movement to Work has analysed the latest Claimant Count Data to understand the impact from lock down on youth employment. 

Headlines from June:

  • Compared with March 2020 over 485,000 more 18-29 year olds are now claiming benefits, an increase of 119%;
  • June 2020 saw a one month rise of 1% in benefit claims from 18-29 year olds. This rise was relatively small compared with the increases in May (30%) and April (67%);
  • Between 14 May and 11 June claims from 18-24 year olds rose by 16,000 (+3%) and claims from 25-29 year olds fell by 4,000 (-1%);
  • The level of increase in different regions remained stable in June 2020.

You can find out what the claimant numbers are, and how they’ve changed in the areas where you work by using our impact map.

Movement to Work has drawn this analysis from the data available via Nomis, using the non-seasonally adjusted data set: ‘Claimant count by gender and age’.

You can also read the full Office of National Statistics update on the latest claimant count figures here.