Help us make a difference and tackle the problem of youth unemployability by completing this short survey.


> Are you 16-30 years old? 

> Not in employment, education or training? 

> Want to shape the future of youth employability programmes?

> We want to hear from you!

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The Movement to Work Youth Voice Survey aims to understand:

  1. The biggest challenges young people face trying to get into work
  2. Careers that most appeal to young people
  3. Ways employers can help young people access work

The insights from this survey will be used to ensure employers continue to design and offer employability programmes that are relevant to young people today. These insights will be accessible to Movement to Work employer members via a real-time data dashboard.


The survey is made up of two parts: 

  1. Background information: Used to better understand the challenges facing individuals of different ages, genders, etc.
  2. Youth Voice survey: Questions covering the survey’s three main aims above.

Time to complete the survey will depend on your answers, but it may take between 5 – 10 minutes to complete.


Disclaimer: The survey is conducted by Movement to Work. The responses to the survey are collected and processed to support a better understanding of the challenges faced by young people getting into employment and to help employers create employment programmes that are relevant to young people’s needs. The survey is intended to be anonymous and all efforts have been made to ensure anonymity. The responses to the survey are automatically anonymised and aggregated in a manner neither allowing for the identification of individual respondents nor for the attribution of individual responses to a respondent. Movement to Work will not be able to identify the respondent. Recipients of the survey results will be employer members of Movement to Work.