Youth Employment UK – Route to 2026

Following publication of their impact report for 2022 Youth Employment UK consider their big successes –
Young People:

  • Over 2.02 million page views across skills and careers content.
  • 26,000+ registered Young Professional Registrations.
  • 98% of users more confident in their skills.
  • 61 Youth Ambassadors supporting at over 30 events.

Schools and Teachers:

  • 5,000+ registered education providers
  • 100 Young Professional Providers

Employers & Places:

  • 350+ Good Youth Employment Charter sign ups
  • 15 New Employer Profiles built9 Employer Webinars
  • 4 Youth Friendly Places offering over 35,000 opportunities locally

However, they recognise their work is far from finished there is still much to do to ensure all young people can fulfil their potential, which is why they have set out an ambitious 5-year strategy.

This year sees Youth Employment UK celebrating their 10th anniversary and they say it will also be the catalyst year for driving the biggest impact to youth unemployment.

Only by working together – alongside young people themselves – will we see real change.

Read the report here.