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Employment and Skills Summit

The Employment and Skills Summit will take a deep dive into the question of where next for employment support.

Anticipating Mayoral elections in England and a General Election coming up in 2024, they will bring
together political, employment and skills audiences with a focus on good practice and the most urgent areas for change.

The plenary sessions and workshops will cover diverse themes, including economic inactivity, health, in-work progression, young people and vocational training, and digital skills. Sponsors include Clarion Futures, Youth Futures Foundation, Edge Foundation and City & Guilds.

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Unemployment, GDP, and inflation

So far 2023 has seen some false dawns for the UK economy. The next few weeks’ data are critical.

Recession has been avoided but growth has bumped along the bottom.
And even as inflation falls from the double-digit levels of a year ago, it has proven more stubborn and sticky, and spread to the service sector.

The ONS’s recent huge revision of historical growth changes the picture of the immediate post-pandemic recovery, especially relative to other European countries.

Data released in September could show whether the crises of the past three years are being put firmly behind us.


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Apprentices kick start careers in Cumbria

The first cohort of Cumbrian apprentices are now in training for telecoms jobs of the future, following millions of pounds of investment from the UK government, with all set to be offered permanent employment on completion.

In a huge boost for jobs and skills across Cumbria, broadband provider Fibrus, alongside network build partner Viberoptix, have committed to creating at least 90 apprenticeships covering a range of roles from underground and overhead cabling to surveying – as part of a £108 million government investment to provide lightning-speed broadband connectivity throughout Cumbria and level-up the county’s digital infrastructure.


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Government announce new welfare reforms

Disabled people and those with health conditions, who are currently being held back from improving their lives through work, will be better supported to realise their potential under Government plans just unveiled.

As part of Government’s mission to support more people into work, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has today launched a consultation on changes to the Work Capability Assessment, following the landmark Health and Disability White Paper published earlier this year.

Changes represent the next step in welfare reform, reflecting the rise of flexible and home working and better employer support for disabled people and people with health conditions.

Changes also reflect that one in five of those with no work preparation requirements would like to work at some point in the future, with the right support.

Government confirmed investment worth £2 billion to support disabled people and those with long-term health conditions into work, while delivering on the Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy.

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Youth Voice Census ’23

The Youth Voice Census 2023 results are coming soon. Get your free ticket for the 18th of September
online launch to find out how young people are faring in 2023 and how we can support them moving

At the launch you will hear from sector experts and young people as we discuss the key findings in this year’s Youth Voice Census.

They will share what is working for young people today in terms of education, employment, and wellbeing, and explore what improvements need to be made with partners across the sector, employers and with UK Government policy makers.

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Bridging the Gap

A new interesting report focuses on young people’s and employers’ views and experiences of good quality work and policy asks.

This report states the five most key factors that influence access to good work include:
1 Previous work experience
2 networks and knowing the right people
3 the qualifications you achieved
4 The right skills for the job
5 Availability of jobs in the area


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Meeting Central London’s Skills needs

This report sets out the skills needs of employers in central London, and how the skills system could better meet those needs.

Central London has a dynamic economy – which drives growth across the UK – and the most highly qualified population of any part of the country. Yet despite these strengths, too many Londoners struggle to benefit from the opportunities available on their doorstep, and too many businesses struggle to find the skills they need.

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Precarious pay and uncertain hours

Several shockwaves have been sent through the UK Labour Market over recent years. Covid-19 saw all non-essential economic activity grind to a halt, leaving millions of workers furloughed and a smaller (though not insignificant) number fall out of the labour market due to long-term sickness or caring responsibilities, many of whom are yet to return.

More recently the cost-of-living-crisis has also left its mark, the clearest manifestation being the real-term pay cut most UK workers are currently facing, despite nominal wage growth being at historically high levels – hitting 7.2 per cent in April 2023.

Key findings
 6.1m workers – 3.4m in low insecure work
 55% of workers earning below the Living Wage ae in insecure work, compared to 11% of those
earning at or above the Living Wage.
 Largest disparity (proportion of insecure work) North East vs Scotland (7%)
 Vulnerable groups – minority ethnic workers, young workers, and older workers
 More focus on job quality to improve the nature of work and the experience of the UK’s low paid and
insecure workforce.
 Low Pay Commission remit to expand – cover labour standards, amount of notice workers gets for
shifts, strong wage floor.

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