Do you know a Careers Leader?

The Careers & Enterprise Company needs your help! Do you know someone who is devoted to driving great careers guidance for young people? What about an organisation that has been steadfast in helping young people during the pandemic? Or do you know a brilliant young person who themselves has focussed on enhancing their own potential through careers education?   
The person you’d like to recognise could be a Careers Leader – their Head or Principal – an employer; perhaps an Enterprise Adviser or Cornerstone Employer, a school or college student, a careers support programme, or professional careers adviser. Tell us about them via our landing page:
We would love to hear from you about individuals and organisations whose careers-focussed work has made a positive difference to the lives of young people as well as your stories of brilliant young people who have enhanced their own potential by taking advantage of career-related opportunities.  We would also really appreciate you sharing this information with your Enterprise Advisers and Careers Leaders. We will be holding open the web page for submissions til 31st January.
We will then highlight a number of the recognitions you and your networks have submitted to us directly on our social media channels during National Careers Week (1st March) and will work with you to provide templates for you to also highlight your recognitions via social media during that week. However, in the hope that we will have more people and organisations to mention than we can collectively fit into our social media campaigns that week, we intend to continue to regularly recognise those people and organisations you’ve highlighted in the subsequent weeks.  
If you have any questions or queries please contact