Essential Skills Tracker 2023

1. Skills Builder – Essential Skills Tracker 

It reveals the £22bn cost of low essential skills to the UK economy, and how these eight skills predict
income, social mobility, job & life satisfaction.

2. Speakers for Schools – Work Experience for All: Policy Report

Speakers for Schools commissioned Social Market Foundation to examine the practicalities of implementing universal access to work experience. This report is part of our Work Experience for all campaign that aims to ensure every young person in England has access to high-quality work experience opportunities.

Policy recommendations following the new report by SMF:

1.         Work experience is achievable and affordable.
2.         We should move forward, not backwards.
3.         Make the system easy for everyone.
4.         Scale back before scaling up; an evidence-led approach must be taken.
5.         This is a devolved matter but needs central support.