Multigenerational workforces crucial for the future of the workforce

Recent research conducted by  OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), undertaken in 37 member countries, concludes that it is imperative that companies must make progress towards making the workforce more inclusive as more generations work side-by-side in the workplace. 

The report highlights the importance of creating an age-inclusive workforce, explaining that building multigenerational workforces could raise GDP per capita by 19% over the next 30 years. The study also suggests that such multigenerational workforces could increase productivity, create a stronger talent pipeline and improve resilience, workforce continuity, stability and the retention of know-how.

In order to promote an age-inclusive workforce, the OECD suggests:

    • Focussing on recruitment and retention strategies, ensuring that job opportunities are ‘age-proofed’ to attract talent from all age groups;
    • Maximising training and development;
    • Implementing flexible working options.

To see the full report from the OECD (December 2020), click here.