The Learning and Work Institute warns of 1 million young people ‘locked out’ of education and training

During 2020, the Learning and Work Institute’s Youth Commission produced a series of reports on young people and the impacts of COVID-19 on their skills,  education and employment. They warn that  around one million young people could be locked out of education, employment and training as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The concluding report, published in December, provides an overview of their findings, and a ‘blueprint for change’, making an urgent call to action to tackle the youth unemployment crisis. It calls for further progress in young people’s education, setting an ambition for 90% of young people to have a Level 2 qualification by age 25, and 75% a Level 3, and for a £4.6 billion ten-year strategy for youth unemployment. 

To read the full report from the Learning and Work Institute (December 2020), click HERE.